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Situated in Rio de Janeiro (Santa Teresa), Castelinho38 Inn is close to the Chacara do Ceu Museum, Arcos da Lapa, San Sebastian Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro, National Library, Museum of Modern Art (MAM), the Bank of Brazil Cultural House (CCBB), National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Image and Sound, National Historic Museum, and Itamaraty Palace, Praça XV where is the Ferry Station to Niterói.

It is ideal for those looking for a comfortable, charming place to stay in Santa Teresa, with quality and at an affordable price.

Exuberant nature, old colonial houses, cobbled streets and yellow and centenary tram - the last one left in the city - make us feel like time stands still in the bohemian neighborhood. The heart of Santa Teresa hits a different pace. Getting closer, however, you soon discover where are the dynamism and modernity of the neighborhood: Santa Teresa is also known, especially for its cultural and artistic production. Walking through its streets and alleys, the visitor can encounter a recital of poetry or an authentic roda de choro and samba. Over the years, hundreds of workshops were established in the neighborhood, making room for all kinds of art. To meet Brazilian handicraft just get in one of the beautiful shops of the neighborhood. Near the Castelinho38 there are many options do dine out. In many restaurants and bars offer the typical Brazilian cuisine and the famous "snacks" cariocas.

Castelinho38 - Address

Phone + 55 (21) 2252-2549

Rua Triunfo 38
Santa Teresa
Rio de Janeiro - RJ


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