Yoga Classes

Yoga classes at Castelinho38 with Karina Marques - Wednesday and Friday, from 8:00 to 9:00 AM.

Hatha Vinyasa-is a dynamic style of yoga. The vinyasa is used for the practice of Hatha Vinyasa-like intervals between postures. One learns to enter, maintain and exit the position taking into account mainly the breathing and postural alignment at each stage. When we enter a posture, breathe and remain in it for at least 5 breaths.

It is a practice in which everyone can participate, since they are given different options according to the level of each practitioner.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga and ShiroAbhyanga) is made with essential oils applied in accordance with the constitution (prakriti) of each person.

Besides the numerous benefits provided by massage, not only the physical level but also energetic and spiritual, after performed provides a wonderful state of well-being.

During Ayurvedic therapy, from the assessment to discover the constitution of each patient, the therapist gives advice such as: nutrition, application of medicated oils and homemade recipes to help treat and conducting the massage periodically.

About Karina Marques

Yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Studio Barcelona with Xavier Rubert Solas y Pilar, both graduates of the Divine Life Society (Sivananda Institute) certified in massage and ayurvedic therapy by the International School of Culture Ayurveda, with the teacher VAIDYAN SISUPALAN KUTTAPPAN, director and teacher of "Ayurcare Panchakarma Institute" of Kerala (India).

She studied at ABPY (Brazilian Association of Yoga Teacher), where he held the course on Yoga for Kids. He teaches Hatha-Vinyasa and yoga for kids. He served for one year teaching Yoga classes for children in Buddhist Meditation Institute of Eloah Esteves in Rio de Janeiro and four years giving Yoga classes for adults and children in the "Yoga Room". He also worked at Studio BeYoga and college Pau Removeda with Yoga for kids in Barcelona. Founder of 'Yoga Room' in Barcelona.

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